What does LeeJDJ stand for?
Well the name describes my self Lee Jones the DJ but more than that it stands for years of experience and customer satisfaction.
I am 34 and have been a successful DJ since 2004. Many years of Wedding receptions, Birthday parties, corporate functions and regular Disco and Karaoke Nights.
Working for many years in and around Hertfordshire I made myself a reputation for quality and reliability. working at The White House Hotel Watford, The Hilton (Watford) Bush Hall (Hatfield) The Colosseum (Watford) to name a few
From a very young age I've had a passion for music and my music knowledge over time has become second to none with every era from 50's to present day covered.
Whatever the occasion, we have it covered, with everything tailored to fill any venue.

So Why Choose LeeJDJ?
  • You pick the style of music, provide a playlist or just leave it with me. I never fail to reach a crowd and get people having fun..
  • Tailored lighting and sound system to suit any size venue.
  • Personal Touches such as moving spotlights projecting your personalised message on the walls or personalised vinyl printed banners.
  • Smart or smart/casual uniform
  • Records and CDs are old technology, as a digital DJ, I carry in excess of 100'000 tracks and 7'000 Karaoke tracks, ensuring you will not get the "sorry I don't have that one " speech
  • A permanent internet connection ensures that in the unlikely event I don't have a track, I can download it in seconds. (subject to network coverage)
  • Unlike many other DJs, I will NOT Charge extra if you require Karaoke.
  • 4 cordless microphones for Karaoke and speeches.
  • Competitive Pricing
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